A little bit of background on the logo, which is based on the UCSB Queer Bomb…
Queer Bombing arose for the need to heighten Queer visibility in and around UCSB and to reclaim hetero-dominated spaces for our community to connect and celebrate. Kiely Hosman and Kalaya’an Mendoza initiated the first Queer Bombing events in the Spring of 2004, after researching innovative tactics of non-violent direct action to combat heterosexist/transphobic/homophobic behavior at UCSB. They found an activist/improv group called Guerilla Queer bar whose sole mission was to infiltrate traditionally heterosexual social venues and bomb/overwhelm it with Queer Fabulousity. Kiely and Kala decided to use that concept along with the iconic “Queer Bomb” t-shirts to actively engage the UCSB community and to celebrate our Queer identity at events ranging from bowling nights to queer bombing UCSB’s graduation ceremony. Queer activism has always had a heritage of being in-your-face, media-savvy, and effective. We Queer Bomb because in a hostile world, our civil rights and our access to space are constantly attacked, we refuse to take it lying down, because we’re not “gay” as in “happy,” we’re Queer as in “FUCK YOU.”


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